network management

Staff at Orange Technologies have experience in many varieties of network environments. Our experts can design and implement network solutions for your office or offices, to ensure your employees have the reliable and quick access they need to company services. Networks are the backbone of company operations, and are critical to ensure effective operations. Your business can rest assured that Orange Technology engineers will recommend and install the best fit solution for each location. We understand network systems are not a one-size fits all, and can provide you with cost effective and scalable solutions for your needs.

In addition, when you choose to engage us as a Managed Service Provider, we are able to provide behind-the-scenes support for your network implementation. We are monitoring your location for uptime and network health, so Orange Technologies staff can be proactive in any repairs or updates that need to occur. These often occur seamlessly without any interruption to your business operations. Of course, any off-peak scheduled maintenance will be communicated ahead of time along with the expected downtime and outcome.

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